Duo of Aromii Crystals

Duo of Aromii Crystals

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2 Jars of Aromii Crystals


Our Aromii Crystals are very popular as an alternative to wax melts. The scent is stronger and they are less messy to use. Add your desired amount to a burner and enjoy the scent as it fills your home. We recommend one to two spoonfuls (included). The aroma will last for approx 4 hours, the life of a normal tea-light, so great value for money.

About our Aromii Crystals

  • Aromii Crystals are ready to use straight from the Jar
  • Add 1-2 Teaspoons of Granules to your burner
  • If using 1 teaspoon of granules, each jar of granules will give you approx. *30 hours of scent in a tea light burner and approx. *40 hours of scent in an electric burner. *Depending on the size of your burner.
  • Once the fragrance has gone simply wipe the bowl with a tissue/cloth and replace with 1-2 teaspoons of fresh granules.
  • Suitable for both tea light and electric burners

weight approx. 70g